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Spring 2014

Cedric Abbot

I am sorry to have to inform you that Cedric Abbott, one of the longest serving members of the Bowmen of Adel, passed away on New Year's Eve after a struggle with cancer. His funeral will be held at Lawnswood on January 17th at 11:00 AM. I shall forward any further details as I know them.

A member at Adel for 40 years, Cedric had taken on virtually every position in the club at one time or another, and served the club magnificently in everything he did. He has also been a stalwart in his support for the Ascham and Scorton for many years. It is impossible to imagine the club without him.

Our thoughts are with his wife Phyl and his family at this sad time.

Cedric acting as Lord Patron at the Bowmen of Adel Open Westerns, September 2013

Nick Beeson
Bowmen of Adel

Dani's protest unsuccessful

Danielle Brown's protest against a reclassification that excludes her from Paralympic competition has been turned down - the decision to classify her as "Not Eligible" has been upheld by a further classification exercise which was held at Lilleshall recently.

Dani stated on her Facebook page:
"CRPS has now been classed as a non-eligible disability for the purposes of para archery because one day I could get better. Whilst I cannot wait for that day, I still have to live with it for the time being so this is understandingly a bitterly disappointing result. This time however, it was decided that my disability warrants the use of my shooting stool so I can still compete in able-bodied events. Iím in the process of exploring the medical evidence to see if there is a strong enough case for me to appeal. I would like to thank everybody for their support; I have been truly overwhelmed by it and has made this whole nightmare a little easier to get through. I also want to mention the great support from the British Athletes Commission, Lewis Silkin LLP and ArcheryGB."

 Archery GB: Danielle Brown: Classification protest outcome

Big Weekend 2014

Archery GB (the GNAS) have moved the date of the Big Weekend 2014 forward - it will be held on the 24th to the 26th of May. In feedback from the last two events, clubs asked for it to be earlier to allow time for more beginner's courses to be held over the summer.

The first 30 clubs to sign up before the 31st of March will be entered into a prize draw to win equipment vouchers worth £100. And to help promote your event, you will receive a kitbag full of free branded goodies that you can share, edit and print, as well as free T-shirts to those clubs that sign up by the 11th of April.

Find out more:
 Archery GB: Big Weekend
 Archery GB news: Big Weekend: Are you ready?

Team manager/coordinator for YAA teams 2014

TEAM MANAGER/CO-ORDINATOR for the NCAS Inter-Counties Senior Tournament and the National Midsummer Team Tournament 2014

The YAA are looking to appoint a Team Manager/Co-ordinator for each of the above two events. They are willing to appoint one person for both events or to see two different people appointed to the two events.

The Midsummer Team Championships will take place at Lilleshall on Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of June 2014.

NCAS Inter-Counties Senior Tournament will take place in Cheshire on Sunday the 5th of October 2014.

For full details, please see this document:
 Team manager/coordinator (DOCX)

Michelle Kiddy
YAA County Teams Coordinator

Dress code

Dear colleagues,

From time to time judges need to have words with archers, mostly novices and sometimes juniors, about the dress code. We would like to ask senior club members to explain to their new members on finishing their beginners course, and also to remind them when they start to talk about entering competitions, what the dress code is.

Itís not as complicated as it used to be, but some archers are turning up at competitions not wearing the correct attire.

Most clothing is allowed. The only items that are not are:
 blue denim jeans
 olive drab clothing
 camouflage clothing.

From time to time we have also had to mention footwear to archers. The feet must be protected - no open sandals, flip flops etc. Basic health and safety really. If in any doubts please read the Dress code rule. Judges could even stop an archer from shooting that day if the archer is incorrectly dressed.

Also could I mention the Etiquette Code - not rules as such but a code of good conduct or behaviour. Again, we see this in more of the novices or beginners to archery, going off the shooting line when a neighbouring archer is at full draw etc. Please, if you can mention this to novices at the club it would be a lot easier for them than having a judge do so at the novice's first shoot.

Karen Winsett
YAA Judges Liaison Officer

Gayle and Richard hitched

Congratulations and best wishes to Gayle Cogan and Richard Seekins of Nova Bowmen, who were married on the 15th of March 2014.

EAF 2014

The European Archery Festival 2014 took place in Telford from the 24th to the 26th of January. This event, the third leg of World Archery's Indoor World Cup and Europeís largest archery tournament and trade show, had been switched to Telford from Nimes.

The festival attracted a huge number of top-class archers from all over the world. Many Yorkshire archers took part and did well.

The biggest success was enjoyed by Izzy Carpenter of Barnsley Archery Club, who took bronze in the Junior Compound Ladies category. After a good performance in the ranking round, she battled through the head-to-heads all the way to the semi-finals, where she was knocked out by eventual gold medallist Aalin George. She then beat Rebecca Blewett in straight sets in the bronze medal match to claim a place on the podium. More details later in this newsletter!

YAA teams for National Midsummer Team Tournament 2014

The YAA is offering to support up to 6 teams, one each lady/gent, compound, recurve and longbow, to attend the National Tournamentís Midsummer Tournament 2014. Brief details of the event below, or from the ArcheryGB website.

To be considered for selection you are required to submit a minimum of 3 FITA/Metric and/or 12 dozen imperial rounds rounds from the 2013 & 2014 seasons and these must have been shot in Open Competition. Scores from other rounds will be considered if insufficient scores are submitted matching the above criteria. If insufficient scores are received for any team, late submitted scores may be accepted as required, on a first come first served basis. Scores will be compared using the handicap tables.

Whilst it is expected the individuals selected to represent Yorkshire will be responsible for paying their own entry fee, the YAA will pay travel expenses to and from Lilleshall at the rate of 25p per mile and will help pay towards up to 2 nights accommodation, at the rate of £30 per night.

The Archery GB National Midsummer Team Championships will be held on the 28th and 29th of June 2014 at Lilleshall. The event will comprise of teams of 3 of the same gender competing in either, compound, recurve or longbow events. The shoot (based on 2013 details) will be 2 days, with a team qualifying 70/50m round on the Saturday morning, followed by the team H2H eliminations on the Saturday afternoon, very much on an Olympic basis, finishing with a Gents/Ladies FITA Star on the Sunday. The winning teams will be judged to be the most successful team across the 3 disciplines, assessed in the same manner as the UK Masters.

It is expected that selected archers will make themselves available for Team Practice events prior to the Tournament.

Closing date for submission of teams to YAA - 30th of April 2014.

(Link removed)

Michelle Kiddy
YAA County Teams Coordinator

AGB governance review

The Archery GB governance review roadshow came to Yorkshire on the 5th of March 2014. A session was held at the Cedar Court Hotel at Ainley Top in Cleckuddersfax.

Dave Harrison (Chairman), David Sherrat (Chief Executive) and Sarah Booth (Marketing Manager) were accompanied by a representative from Grant Thornton, AGB's professional consultants on the governance review.

Representatives from several Yorkshire, Lancashire and Nottinghamshire clubs attended.

The presenters explained that the Society needed to come into line with what was regarded as best practice for sporting national governing bodies (NGBs). The proposed changes were guided by the Voluntary Code of Good Governance (Sport and Recreation Alliance, 2011).

Funding bodies in particular expect NGBs to adhere to these governance guidelines.

The main proposals are:
 The board will consist of one chief executive, eight elected directors with portfolio and three appointed independent directors who are not members of the Society.
 Portfolios and titles will not be fixed and can change to align with the strategic plan.
 The board will have three sub-committees: Nominations, Remuneration and Audit.
 The portfolios of the elected directors will be defined formally in job descriptions.
 Persons standing for election as directors must be supported by at least three electors (clubs or direct members).
 Persons standing for election as directors must be approved by the Nominations subcommittee, who will ensure that those persons have the necessary skills and experience to meet the requirements of the portfolio.
 The Society's Memorandum and Articles of Association will be changed to allow the structure and approach described above.

The changes are intended to ensure coverage of the skills needed to perform the director roles effectively. By clarifying roles and reducing day-to-day demands, the changes are expected to reduce the workload on individuals and keep the work of directors at a strategic level, which should make director roles more appealing to busy people with the desired skills.

There will not be a "clean sheet" regarding time served in elected roles. Incumbent directors will follow their existing election and eligibility cycles.

The independent director roles will be advertised via existing media used by most sports for such roles. Some initial head-hunting may take place.

There were concerns that this would amount to "jobs for the boys", with an unaccountable cabal deciding who could stand for election as a director. The presenters replied that this is not the intention and has not occurred in other sporting NGBs which have made similar changes.

The proposals will be put to the vote at the Annual General Meeting, which will take place in Derby on the 25th of April 2014. As special resolutions, they will require a 75% majority.

The buffet was fantastic.

YAA Coaching courses coming up

YAA will be running three coach education courses over the year.

Sheffield Level 1 14/L1/14
 Day 1 - March 22nd 2014
 Day 2 - April 12th 2014
 Day 3 - May 3rd 2014
 Assessment - July 5th 2014
Course tutor - Kath Fitzpatrick
Course Manager - Jean Clarkson - email  coursemanager@talktalk.net

Level 2 - Sheffield
proposed course dates pending venue confirmation and course approval
 13th April 2014
 4th May 2014
 25th May 2014
 15th June 2014
 6th July 2014 (may move to 29 June 2014)
 3rd August 2014
 Assessment - 1st November 2014
Course Lead Tutor Kath Fitzpatrick
Course Manager - Jean Clarkson - email  coursemanager@talktalk.net

We will also be running a County Coach course.
For the first time there is no central funding for assessment and all costs must be met by the candidates. This makes it tricky as we don't know where our assessors would be coming from!
We would like 8 candidates - to date we have 7 enquiries; we can go higher than 8 if there is the demand.
Course venues will vary between Sheffield and York.
Proposed dates:
 April 6th 2014
 May 18th 2014
 June 8th 2014
 August 2nd 2014
 Sept 21st 2014 (changed from 7th)
 Oct 19th 2014
 Nov 2nd 2014
 Assessment February 14/15th 2015
Lead Tutor - Kath Fitzpatrick. Additional tutors will be contributing specialist areas.
Course Manager - Jean Clarkson - email  coursemanager@talktalk.net

Application forms can be downloaded from the Archery Gb website - use the following links:
 Level 1 course application form
 Level 2 course application form
 County Coach course application form

Course fees for L1 and L2 will be as advertised on the Archery GB website one courses are listed.
County Coach fees are likely to be in the region of £250 to £300.

In all cases a place can be confirmed with a completed application form and £100 deposit made payable to "Yorkshire Archery Association - Coaching"

To apply for L2 you must be a current accredited L1 coach with appropriate CPD. To apply for County you should be a current accredited L2 coach for a minimum of one year, two by the date of assessment.

Any queries please contact the Course Manager Jean Clarkson or the CCO Kath Fitzpatrick
     0113 2869666
     01226 218518

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer
Northern Counties Regional Coaching Officer

JNIC 2013

Izzy and Adam Carpenter excelled at the Junior National Indoor Champs at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry at the beginning of December.

Adam finished 1st in the U12 Boys Compound, retaining the trophy he won last year with a score of 560 and completing U12 National Champion titles for both indoor and outdoor events this year.

Izzy finished 2nd in the U16 Girls Compound with a personal-best score of 564, only 4 points behind the winner. She was also reserve girl compound for England.

Congratulations to Izzy and Adam from all at the YAA.

Izzy wins European bronze

Congratulations to Izzy Carpenter of Barnsley Archery Club on winning the bronze medal at the European Archery Festival in Telford last weekend in the Junior Compound Ladies event.

She shot extremely well in her first FITA 18 and Head-To-Head, fighting off some high quality older opposition.

Some really strong shooting under a lot of pressure at such a high profile international event!

There was lots of family support for all the competing Yorkshire archers, especially during Izzy's final rounds.

Izzy on the podium, right of picture. Photo by Malcolm Rees - used by kind permission.

Judge achievements

Mark Hayes has become a National Judge. He passed his assessment in November 2013.

Allan Shuker passed his County Judge assessment at the YAA Indoor Championships in March 2014.

Congratulations to Mark and Allan from the Yorkshire Judging Team.

Karen Winsett
YAA Judges Liaison Officer

Richard Breese retiring

I have recently received an email from Richard informing me of his retirement from judging.

Richard has been a Yorkshire Judge since 1998 when he first took up Candidacy. He has gone through all the assessments of judging until he reached International status. He has Judged all over the world including the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

The Yorkshire Judges would like to wish him well in all the ventures and interests he becomes involved with.

Karen Winsett
YAA Judges Liaison Officer

Assembly briefings

Dear Colleagues,

I have been asked on many occasions by Candidate and County Judges about the opening assembly briefing that's given at competitions. Sometimes Judges struggle to get all the information over to the Archers. I have asked Gareth & Louise if they would allow us to put their briefings onto the Judges web site to show how it can be done.

At all Record Status shoots the correct information must be given at assembly. At local Club shoots it doesn't have to be as in-depth as this, but basic information is still required and has to be given by the Judges especially if novices are present.

We have all come across Archers who have not been given certain information by their Clubs, so it is important that the Archers know exactly what are the requirements at competitions.

Please look at the briefings. I'm sure Gareth & Louise would be pleased for you to use them.

 Outdoor assembly briefing (DOCX)
 Indoor assembly briefing (DOCX)

Briefings Compiled by
 Gareth Beeby
 Louise Smith

Karen Winsett
Yorkshire Judges Liaison Officer

Flood damage - Sport England fund

Sport England has announced a special £5 million flood relief fund to help restore pitches and repair sports facilities damaged by the recent floods and storms.

£5 million of National Lottery funding will be made available to sports clubs, local authorities and other community organisations for emergency repairs to damaged facilities such as pitches, water sports centres, pavilions, changing rooms and floodlights.

I have been asked by Archery GB to coordinate the reponse from Yorkshire clubs. Any YAA clubs which wish to apply for funding should get back to me as soon as possible so I can get them in contact with the development team at Lilleshall.

Find out more:
 WY Sport: £5 million flood relief fund for sport
 Sport England: Flood Relief Fund

Andy Wilkinson
Yorkshire Archery Association Secretary


Barnsley AC Early Bird - funds raised

We had a great crowd of archers for Sunday's Early Bird Western shoot, despite the chilly wind and showers. Here are the results:
 Barnsley Early Bird 2014 results

The proceeds from the raffle and catering raised a total amount of £312.50. This will be split between Cancer Research and The MacMillan Trust.

Many thanks to all the archers for their generosity and support of the event. It was a fabulous turn out with 74 entries! We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Tony Carpenter
Barnsley Archery Club

NCAS juniors team selection 2014

Calling all Junior Archers - Recurve and Compound


The Northern Counties Archery Society is looking for junior recurve and compound archers to shoot in the annual Regional Tournament against the East Midlands Archery Society.

The shoot will take place at Grange Park Sports Club, Wetherby on Saturday 31st May 2014. Archers will be shooting FITA/Metrics 1-5 of their age groups. If you have or know of any juniors that will be interested in representing their Region on this date could you please let me have their details?

I will require three scores from twelve-dozen rounds from last year. All rounds must have been shot at open tournaments.


Look forward to hearing from you.

Aplication form:
(Link removed)

Peter Galbraith
NCAS Junior Representative

Dani Brown, motivator

Danielle Brown - Paralympic Games gold medallist, Paralympic World Champion, Commonwealth Games gold medallist and British Champion - is offering archery coaching, motivational speaking, and courses aimed at helping people to realise their potential.

She says:
None of my achievements would have been possible without the incredible support team behind me and it's time I put something back. I want to use my story to inspire others so I am offering a wide range of courses to help you accomplish your own goals and give you that competitive edge necessary for success. From motivational talks on achieving through adversity, or workshops specifically designed to help you deal with pressure - a skill that undoubtedly underpins peak performance in every field - there is something to help enhance your performance in your business, sport, or school. Send me a booking request or email to help transform your life today!

More information:
 Danielle Brown's website

Samantha Baker - pot of gold

The Yorkshire Award

THE YORKSHIRE AWARD is a prestigious award where clubs can nominate individuals or couples who, in the eyes of their club, deserve recognition for services to that particular club.

There is no set deadline for submission of nominations.

If you think someone in your club deserves such recognition, please download the nomination form from the website, complete it, and send it to the county secretary.

 Yorkshire Award Nomination and Citation Form

New YAA timing system available to clubs

A reminder that the YAA's new Danage timing system is available to YAA clubs for use at their own FITA shoots.

The system combines timer, lights, sound, scoreboard, archer rotation indicators and control panels. It's so energy efficient that the whole system can run for a two-day shoot using two car batteries.

Instructions for the use of the system are available from the Judging page:
 Judging: Instructions for new YAA timing system

Please contact Karen Winsett if you are interested in using this system at your club's open shoot.

Karen Winsett
Yorkshire Judges Liaison Officer

Judges expenses form

The Judges Confirmation and Expense Form was designed following comments made by a number of judges.

The tournament organiser or club secretary should send the form to the judge well in advance of the event. The judge should return the confirmation of attendance and expected expenses, so matters can be settled in advance of the event.

To prevent double booking of Judges, the Judges Confirmation and Expense Form includes a tear off slip to send to Karen Winsett, the Judges Liaison Officer, when the booking has been confirmed. The form can be downloaded as a Word document from the YAA website:

 Judges confirmation and expense form (Word format)

Alternatively, write to the County Secretary or phone him for a copy.

If you want particular judges, please write their names on the slip that is to be sent to Karen.

Many thanks for your anticipated support.


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