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Summer-Autumn 2014

Izzy wins silver and bronze for GBR

Izzy Carpenter of Barnsley Archery Club won bronze in May with the Great Britain compound cadet women team at the European Outdoor Youth Championships in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

She then went on to win silver with the Great Britain compound cadet women team at the European Junior Cup in Moscow.

The compound cadet women team, winners of the bronze medal in Slovenia. From left to right: Kirsten George (Isle of Man), Lucy Mason (Deer Park in Cheltenham) and Izzy Carpenter (Barnsley, Yorkshire).

Congratulations to Izzy from everyone at the YAA.

YAA and NCAS affiliation fees for 2014-2015

As we fast approach the receipt of the annual returns from the GNAS (Archery GB), a reminder about the affiliation fees for the YAA and NCAS for the 2014-2015 year. There have been a number of changes to junior, schools and disabled club fees, for both YAA and NCAS, although some are initially only a trial for one year. See the next stories in this newsletter for full details of these changes.

The first change is for junior clubs to have the option to pay block fees of 5 to the YAA and 5 to the NCAS, or to continue to pay fees of 1.50 per junior to YAA and 1.25 per junior to NCAS. To qualify for the 5 block fee option, the club must be registered with GNAS as a junior club and have paid their 65 affiliation fee. It is hoped this will encourage more clubs with juniors in senior clubs to establish junior clubs, and also save clubs and the parents of juniors some affiliation fee money.

School clubs also have the option of block fees of 5 to the YAA and 5 to the NCAS.

The YAA have also introduced a 5 block fee for all registered disabled clubs, rather than the per capita fee applied previously.

If you have any questions regarding the fees please contact Dave Phillips, YAA and NCAS Treasurer.

The complete summary of YAA and NCAS fees is as follows.


Senior Archer3.00 per person2.50 per person
Junior Archer in senior club1.50 per person1.25 per person
Junior archer in junior club5.00 block club fee5.00 block club fee


Junior Archer in Junior Club1.50 per person1.25 per person
Disabled Club5.00 block club fee5.00 block club fee
School Junior Club5.00 block club fee5.00 block club fee
University Club50.00 block club fee20.00 block club fee

Dave Phillips
YAA Treasurer
NCAS Treasurer

GNAS affiliation fees 2014-2015

The following was adopted at the GNAS AGM at Derby:

Direct Member Senior48.00
Club Member Senior40.00
Direct Member Junior46.00
Club Member Junior25.00
Overseas Direct Member58.00
Junior Club65.00 per club
Club for Archers with DisabilitiesNil
University Club130.00 per club

Andy Wilkinson
Yorkshire Archery Association Secretary

YAA and NCAS affiliation fee changes

At both the YAA and NCAS AGMs in March 2014, it was agreed that the YAA and NCAS affiliation fees, payable for the 2014-15 GNAS (Archery GB) year, i.e. effective for reaffiliation from 1st October 2014, will remain at the existing levels.

The affiliation fees for the 2014-2015 year (but please see the note below regarding junior clubs) are:

Yorkshire Archery Association
Senior Archer (in a senior club)3.00 per person
Junior Archer (in a senior club)1.50 per person
Disabled Club3.00 per person
5.00 bloc fee
University Club50.00 bloc fee
School Junior Club5.00 bloc fee
Northern Counties Archery Society
Senior Archer2.50 per person
Junior Archer (in a senior club)1.25 per person
Disabled Club5.00 bloc fee
University Club20.00 bloc fee
School Junior Club5.00 bloc fee

YAA and NCAS Committee Decisions regarding Junior Clubs

The YAA and NCAS Committees wish to encourage the further establishment of GNAS (Archery GB) registered junior clubs, who are entitled to pay a reduced GNAS bloc fee of 62.50 per year (2013-14), rather than the 24.00 per person fee.

The YAA and NCAS Committees have now agreed to operate a one-year trial for the 2014-15 GNAS affiliation year, effective from re-affiliation from 1st October 2014, to give GNAS-registered junior clubs the option to pay a bloc YAA and NCAS affiliation fee of 5.00 per club, for both YAA and NCAS.

As this matter was not proposed, discussed or agreed at the earlier AGM, the trial is seen as a method of effectively giving a rebate back to all junior clubs of any junior-archer YAA and NCAS fees collected which total over 5.00. The trial will be evaluated and if successful will be considered at the 2015 AGMs.

The option to continue to pay the YAA Junior fee of 1.50 and NCAS junior fee of 1.25 per capita fee still remains, if the club so wishes. It is expected the per capita option will still remain a more suitable and viable option, in terms of GNAS, YAA and NCAS, for those clubs who have only 2 or 3 junior members. We believe any club with 4 or more juniors would benefit financially (or perhaps the parents of the juniors will benefit) from the registering of a GNAS, YAA and NCAS Junior Club.

For 2014-15 the NEW YAA and NCAS junior fee becomes:

Yorkshire Archery Association
Junior (individual)1.50 per person
Junior Club (bloc fee)5.00 bloc fee
Northern Counties Archery Society
Junior (individual)1.25 per person
Junior Club (bloc fee)5.00 bloc fee

Dave Phillips
YAA Treasurer

The Ascham Silver Arrow 2014

The Ascham Society cordially invites Ladies to compete for The Ascham Silver Arrow and other trophies on Saturday the 13th of September 2014 at Selby Archery Club, Sandhill Lane, Selby, YO8 4JP.

Assemble at 10:30 AM for an 11:00 AM start of shooting.

(Link removed)

Coach qualification grants

At the March 2014 Committee Meeting, the YAA Committee reviewed its Coach Qualification Grant Policy in light of the poor application rate over previous years.
This revised Policy will take effect from 1 January 2014 for Coaches qualifying at Level 1, Level 2, County Coach and Senior Coach. Applications for grants from Coaches qualifying at these levels in the 12 months prior to this date will be accepted. No applications for grants will be accepted for any Coach qualification achieved before 1 January 2013.
In future, retrospective applications will be accepted for Coach Qualification Grants from Coaches qualifying in the current and previous Calendar Years only.
As with all YAA Grants, all applications will be considered on merit by the YAA Committee, giving due consideration to the state of the Associations circumstances and finances at the time of considering the application.
The grant is only available to coaches affiliated to the YAA, either through their club or direct, and who operate as Coaches in the YAA area.
The application for a Coach Qualification Grant must be made on the application form below and must be accompanied by a COPY (NOT the original) of the Coach Qualification Certificate. The completed application should be sent to the YAA Treasurer. Applications via e-mail are acceptable, providing a copy of the certificate is attached.
With effect from March 2014 the levels of Grant available are:
 Level 1: 30.00
 Level 2: 50.00
 County Coach: 75.00
 Senior Coach: 75.00

 Application form (DOCX)

Dave Phillips
YAA Treasurer

Yorkshire Award

Four archers have recently received the Yorkshire Award for services to their clubs over a long period. YAA President Andrew Neal presented the awards during April, May and June.

Sheila Clark of Beverley Target Club:

Roger Greaves of Scarborough Archers:

Clare Spencer of the Bowmen of St Mary's:

Martin Middleton of Aardwolf Archers:

Jim Everitt

It is with great sadness that I learned today that Jim Everitt, formerly of Chantry Bowmen and father of Nick Everitt, known to many in archery, passed away this morning (4th August) after battling with leukaemia.

Jim was a real gentleman and an avid photographer. He had a great enthusiasm for many things but especially his family and I am sure he will be much missed by his wife Cynthia and family.

Thoughts and best wishes are with them.

Kath Fitzpatrick

11 More Level 1 Coaches in Yorkshire

The Hull Level 1 coach training course has now undergone its final assessment with 11 happy archers becoming Level 1 coaches.

Katie Coulthwaite is perhaps the happiest of the group, coming into the course as a last minute replacement due to a late drop out, and also as a clubless archer after her club closing down due to the loss of their venue. Not deterred, Katie decided to start a club herself for her school students, hence the need to go on a coaching course. Once signed up the question of a nearby mentor was talked through and sorted with Wyke Archers' current Level 1 coach offering to mentor Katie's progress as well as their own candidate Owen Hillerby. This has proved such a success that Wyke Archers have asked Katie to join them and so have now gained 2 new coaches, with the prospect of a sister club opening soon. The clubless archer is no more!

The clubs to benefit from this course are:
 Bowmen of Adel x 1
 Bowmen of St Mary's x 3
 East Park Archers x 3
 Scarborough Archers x 2
 Wyke Archers x 2

Big thank you to Andy Arnold for tutoring the group and to Grahame Cotterill, Carol Byde and Mary Hannan for the efficient assessment day. Aso thanks to Hannah Bussey, Barbara Barrett and Anne Rook at Archery GB for help with all things unclear, and also to Sarah Tague from the Humber Sports Partnership for getting the ball rolling.

Guy Hair
Bowmen of St Mary's

Yorkshire Longbows Win Silver!

The National County Team Tournament held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre on June 28th and 29th saw fifteen archers from Yorkshire compete in a field of 260 archers and 25 counties from across the country.

Saturday's 720 round and team head-to-head elimination shoot saw the longbows from Yorkshire take gold in the head-to-head despite a very wet start and strongly partisan crowds - where did all those Yorkshire flags come from?

Sunday's FITA was a blustery affair at the longer distances but at least it was dry and fairly warm.

Overall the weekend was a great success capped off by the Yorkshire longbow team's podium finish. The results table below summarises the county's performance and the full official results can be downloaded from:
 Archery GB: National County Team Tournament 2014 results

Bow styleTeam membersOverall result
Ladies recurveAmy Oliver
Michelle Kiddy
Gwen Smith
12th out of 18
Ladies compoundViv Oxley
Lynda Oliver
Izzy Carpenter
7th out of 13
Gentlemen recurveJohn Lane
Paul Jones
Robert Prince
14th out of 25
Gentlemen longbowPatrick Revell
Samm Campbell
Richard Allen
2nd out of 6
Gentlemen compoundWill Kempf
Gareth Allen
Richard Watts
16th out of 21

Will Kempf
Valley Bowmen
Yorkshire team member

JNOC 2014

Yorkshire juniors performed brilliantly at the Junior National Outdoor Championships held at Lilleshall on the 5th and 6th of July. The weather was kind on both days, with just a light drizzle in the afternoon on the Sunday, making for great shooting conditions all weekend.
The majority of archers set PBs and quite a few Junior Master Bowman scores were achieved as well.
Support for Yorkshire archers was fantastic. Thanks to Sheila Taylor, Karen Dales and Nicki Daniel for the Yorkshire Base Tent which was the highest flag and communal meeting point all weekend. Also to all the archers and coaches who attended, as well as parents.
A great weekend was had by all.

Sat 5th July: FITA and Metrics.
 Adam Carpenter: 1st place Metric 4, 1422. New National Record for M4 and 30M Distance.
 Matt Stanley: 4th place Metric 1, 1279
 Catherine Dales: 7th place Metric 3, 1241
 Ben Daniel: 9th place Metric 3, 1185
 Joe Fairburn: 1st place Metric 3, 1308
 Thomas Mowforth: 14th place Metric 1, 773
 Blain Nicholson: 4th Place Metric 1, 1219
 Jessie Slater: 3rd place Metric 2, 1149
 Lewis Slater: 4th place Metric 3, 1256
 Megan Tinker: 19th place Metric 3, 1141

NCAS also won the 'Regional Boys Recurve' trophy, team consisting of Blain Nicholson, Lewis Slater, Joe Fairburn and Daniel Thompson (from Bowmen of Bruntwood in Cheshire)
NCAS also came third the 'Regional Girls Recurve' trophy, team consisting of Zoe Reed, Katrina Brown, Catherine Dales and Heather Hughes.

Sun 6th July: York/Hereford and Bristol's 'The Championship' Day
 Adam Carpenter: 1st place Bristol 4, 1294
 Matt Stanley: 4th place Bristol 1, 1203
 Catherine Dales: 9th place Bristol 3, 1138
 Ben Daniel: 9th place Bristol 3, 1128
 Joe Fairburn: 1st place Bristol 3, 1254
 Thomas Mowforth: 16th place Bristol 1, 713
 Blain Nicholson: 5th Place Bristol 1, 1098
 Jessie Slater: 2nd place Bristol 2, 1121
 Lewis Slater: 2nd place Bristol 3, 1219
 Megan Tinker: 17th place Bristol 3, 1087

Yorkshire also came second in the 'County Mixed Recurve' team consisting of Lewis Slater, Catherine Dales, Joe Fairburn and Ben Daniel.
NCAS came third in the 'Regional Recurve Team' team consisting of Joe Fairburn, Lewis Slater, Daniel Thompson and Georgia Maryon.
NCAS came third in the 'Regional Compound Team' team consisting of Adam Carpenter, Maddison Codling and Brodie Brownhill.

Simon Slater
Nova Bowmen


Yorkshire's juniors have put in some impressive performances recently.

Joe Fairburn of Panda Bowmen enjoyed a record-breaking weekend at the Chris Farr Memorial Field Archery shoot at Pentref in South Wales on the 12th and 13th of April. He smashed the under 15 (red peg) unmarked record which stood for 14 years and was held by a past European Champion. He equalled the marked record and broke the combined record by 27, again both held for 14 years.
On the weekend of the 19th and 20th of July, he shot an under-15 junior gents recordbreaking score for the 24 target FITA Mixed round from the red pegs at the Junior Field Championships at Kendal.

Izzy Carpenter of Barnsley Archery Club won bronze in May with the Great Britain compound cadet women team at the European Outdoor Youth Championships in Ljubljana, Slovenia, then silver at the European Junior Cup in Moscow. She represented Yorkshire in the Ladies Compound team at the National County Team Tournament at Lilleshall in June, helping the team to 7th out of 13.

Adam Carpenter of Barnsley Archery Club won the Under 12 title at the Junior National Outdoor Championships in June, scoring a whopping 1294 points out of a possible 1296. This followed his victory in the Junior Outdoor FITA & Metrics the previous day, where he set two national records. In August, he won bronze at the Junior Masters.

Lewis Slater of Nova Bowmen finished a close fourth at the Junior Outdoor FITA & Metrics, then second in the Junior National Outdoor Championships. He qualified in third place at the Junior Masters, but narrowly lost the bronze medal match.

Jessie Slater of Nova Bowmen finished third at the Junior Outdoor FITA & Metrics, then second in the Junior National Outdoor Championships.

Izzy Carpenter

Joe Fairburn

Some of Yorkshire's juniors at JNOC 2014

Judges on the up

Yorkshire judges have made great progress in recent months.

At the Single FITA at Wetherby, Gareth Beeby passed his Regional Judge assessment.

At the NCAS/ YAA Double FITA at Wetherby, Richard Ford passed his Regional Judge assessment.

Congratulations from the Yorkshire judging team!

Karen Winsett
Yorkshire Judges Liaison Officer

Flight shoots - change of venue

The National Flight Championships and Northern Counties Flight Championships have a new home. They will now be held at Elvington Airfield near York.

Both shoots will take place in August.

Missing Bowmen of Adel trophies

We have a couple (at least) of trophies that appear to have gone walkabout. In particular, the two in the photos below:

The bowl for the recurve team from our End of Season Long Westerns.

The platter for the Ladies Recurve from our End of Season Long Westerns.

There may be others (shows how good at keeping track I am). And, of course, I need to track down any of the trophies from our indoor shoot, which has been dormant for a couple of years.

Could anyone with any trophy from the Bowmen of Adel, from any of our tournaments, please drop me a line and let me know. If I can get a definitive list of all of them my sense of being a good housekeeper can be restored.

Nick Beeson
Bowmen of Adel

Valley Bowmen May 2014

Valley Bowmen of Huddersfield opened their impressive new pavilion on Sunday the 25th of May 2014.

Olympian and Team GB archer Amy Oliver and the Rt Hon Jason McCartney MP (Colne Valley) joined over 80 members of the public at the dedication of the Farrar Pavilion. This is named in honour of Ricky Farrar (1924-2013) who founded the club in 1963.

The club has used a 50000 grant from Sport England and Inspired Facilities to provide an anti-vandal changing room with kitchen, equipment store and toilets at their field in West Yorkshire.

Albert Kiddy and Amy Oliver with Valley Bowmen's President Will Kempf:

Will Kempf making the dedication speech:

Amy shoots the first arrow at the reworked grounds and kicks off the Big Weekend:

Phoenix Floodlit

The Phoenix Floodlit Pie & Peas National took place on a horrendously wet Saturday. Despite bucketing down all day, the rain actually held off during the shoot itself - then reasserted itself with a vengeance as we were packing away.

The Yorkshire Award

THE YORKSHIRE AWARD is a prestigious award where clubs can nominate individuals or couples who, in the eyes of their club, deserve recognition for services to that particular club.

There is no set deadline for submission of nominations.

If you think someone in your club deserves such recognition, please download the nomination form from the website, complete it, and send it to the county secretary.

 Yorkshire Award Nomination and Citation Form

New YAA timing system available to clubs

A reminder that the YAA's new Danage timing system is available to YAA clubs for use at their own FITA shoots.

The system combines timer, lights, sound, scoreboard, archer rotation indicators and control panels. It's so energy efficient that the whole system can run for a two-day shoot using two car batteries.

Instructions for the use of the system are available from the Judging page:
 Judging: Instructions for new YAA timing system

Please contact Karen Winsett if you are interested in using this system at your club's open shoot.

Karen Winsett
Yorkshire Judges Liaison Officer

Judges expenses form

The Judges Confirmation and Expense Form was designed following comments made by a number of judges.

The tournament organiser or club secretary should send the form to the judge well in advance of the event. The judge should return the confirmation of attendance and expected expenses, so matters can be settled in advance of the event.

To prevent double booking of Judges, the Judges Confirmation and Expense Form includes a tear off slip to send to Karen Winsett, the Judges Liaison Officer, when the booking has been confirmed. The form can be downloaded as a Word document from the YAA website:

 Judges confirmation and expense form (Word format)

Alternatively, write to the County Secretary or phone him for a copy.

If you want particular judges, please write their names on the slip that is to be sent to Karen.

Many thanks for your anticipated support.


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