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Barnsley Early Bird 2017

Barnsley Archery Club's Early Bird shoot opened the outdoor season on Sunday the 5th of March 2017. Apart from an hour during the second distance, rain tipped down all day. But we didn't let it get us down! The shoot had a record entry and raised 370 for cancer and mental health charities.

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 Barnsley Early Bird 2017 results

Photos by Tim Mason.

Judge Sharon Tideswell, who stepped in at short notice and saved the shoot, with Tournament Organiser Sophie Carpenter and Lady Paramount Rachael Smith:

Steve Jones:

Gareth Allen:

Steve Cawley:

Jane Reith:

George McMillan:

John Fell:

Salli Warnes:

Iain Smith:

Marina Rose:

Gareth Allen:

Steve Atkins:

Neil English:

Steve Atkins:

David Whitham:

Tom Hudson:

Rosemary Fell:

Gwen Smith and Adam "Bob" Carpenter:

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