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Student archery schedule 2018

Bethany Dexter - 21 December 2017

The dates of student archery championship events in 2018 have been announced. They are:
 BUCS Indoor Southern Regional: 24th February, K2 Crawley
 BUCS Indoor Northern Regional: 24th and 25th February, UCLan
 NEUAL Indoor Championships: 3rd March, Salford
 BUCS Indoor Finals: 11th March, Bristol
 BUTC: 25th March, Birmingham
 NEUAL Outdoor Championships: 12th May, UCLan

Bethany Dexter
Pennine Archers

Yorkshire archers at the National Indoors

Rob Elliott - 7 December 2017

Yorkshire archers put in some brilliant performances at last weekend's National Indoor Championships.

The Juniors were on the Saturday, the round a Portsmouth.

Adam Carpenter won the U16 Compound title and tied for overall Champion with the U18 winner.

Orlaith Titchener took third place in Ladies U12 Compound.

Rosie Elliott won the Ladies U14 Longbow title and also overall Champion with a score of 448, which is a new UK record, beating the old one that had stood for 16 years.

The Seniors competition was on the Sunday. The round was a WA 18 followed by a head-to-head.

Sheila Hudson won the first round scoring 477, a new UK record. She then went on to win the head-to-head and so became the Ladies Longbow Champion.

Congratulations to them all from the YAA and all Yorkshire archers.

Rob Elliott

2017 Five Counties report

Gareth Beeby - 10 October 2017

The 2017 Junior Five Counties match took place on the 30th September at Norton Archers' ground, Stockton-on-Tees, DNAA.

The day was chilly with cloud and sunny spells before lunch and a short shower after lunch before more sunny spells.

Yorkshire sent a full-complement 15-person team made up of: 8 Girl Recurve archers; 4 Boy Recurve; 2 Girl compound and 1 Boy Compound. Yorkshire did not send any Longbow archers as no entries were received. Eight members of the team were representing Yorkshire for the first time with seven members returning to the team.

Yorkshire secured the Girls Recurve Team title with a team of Holly Spink, Elizabeth Ferguson and Megan Tinker.

The event is also the NCAS Junior Championships and there were individual awards for many Yorkshire archers:
 Megan Tinker 1st Girls Recurve shooting Bristol 2
 Elizabeth Ferguson 2nd Girls Recurve shooting Bristol 4
 Holly Spink 2nd Girls Recurve shooting Bristol 5
 Hannah Fox 3rd Girls Recurve shooting Bristol 5
 Hannah Stocks 1st Girls Compound Shooting Bristol 3
 Orlaith Titchener 1st Girls Compound shooting Bristol 5
 Ben Daniel 3rd Boys Recurve shooting Bristol 1
 William Thompson 2nd Boys Recurve shooting Bristol 2
 Luca Jaques 1st Boys Recurve shooting Bristol 3
 Daniel McGarry 1st Boys Compound shooting Bristol 1

Other members of the team were
 Niamh Titchener
 Jess Hall
 Jess Hardesty Dean
 Caitlin McKeag
 Luke Stocks

The team was managed by Helen Woodcock, YAA Junior Officer, and Gareth Beeby, YAA County Teams Coordinator.

The 2017 Senior Five Counties match took place on the 1st of October at Norton Archers ground, Stockton-on-Tees, DNAA.

The day started off quite overcast with a stiff breeze. Unfortunately, the strength of the breeze increased throughout the morning and the event was called off after the 5th dozen due to safety concerns with the wind. As all archers had completed the 5th dozen awards were based on the scores achieved up until that point.

Yorkshire won the Longbow Team trophy with a team of Helen Woodcock, Lorraine Slater, Patrick Revell and Richard Allan.

There were individual highest score awards for:
 Helen Woodcock: Ladies Longbow
 Neil Crickmore: Gents Recurve
 Patrick Revell: Gents Longbow

The full team was:

 Shelley Hurst Neil Crickmore
 Bethany Dexter Peter Bargewell
 Ann Elliott Simon Slater
 Marina Rose Aaron Bainton
 Gemma Breese Will Kempf
 Viv Oxley Wayne Evardson
 Helen Woodcock Patrick Revell
 Lorraine Slater Richard Allan

The team was managed by Gareth Beeby, YAA County Teams Coordinator.

Gareth Beeby
YAA County Teams Coordinator

Theft of Intake Scouts archery kit

Susan Wragg - 12 September 2017

Unfortunately our scout group HQ in Sheffield was broken into over the weekend. They took all our archery bows and arrows. If you are approached by anyone offering kit like ours please could you call 101 and quote our incident number A1194742017.

The bows are mostly Sebastien Flute bows from 54" to 70". A couple were Optimo bows. Four were in grey and black carry bags.

Also some smaller ones: 48", 4 right handed and 4 left handed; 54", 4 right handed; and a 58" left handed.

Susan Wragg
Group Scout Leader
270th Intake Scout Group
07860 106568

Martin McKenzie

Will Kempf - 7 September 2017

The Valley Bowmen of Huddersfield are extremely sad to announce the sudden death of Martin McKenzie, at the untimely age of 62 years.

Martin, of Huddersfield, and a long time member of the club, suffered a heart attack on August 29th. A keen long bow archer at the club, Martin had just acquired a new bow from Aidy Hayes and had been seen enjoying some good shots at the field only a couple of weeks ago.

Martin's wife Janice and his adult children Martin, Hannah and David have offered to donate a bench in his memory to the club, which they hope will offer a peaceful spot for new archers to sit and reflect.

Funeral: St Patrick's Church, Huddersfield, 11:30 AM, 20 September 2017. No flowers - donations to Water Aid only please.

Will Kempf
Valley Bowmen

Yorkshire archers win medals at the British Target Championships

15 August 2017

Congratulations to all YAA archers who took part in the recent British Target Championships. Special mention must be made of Sheila Hudson of White Rose who won the Ladies Longbow title with first places in all three elements (hits, golds, score), and Martin Jordan of Chantry who took third place in Gents Longbow.

Final results:
 Ianseo: British Target Championships 2017 final results

Stolen bow - Hoyt Formula RX plus Formula Quattro limbs

Darren Clarkson - 11 August 2017

Please be on the lookout for my bow, which was stolen from the Bowmen of Adel field on the evening of Thursday 10th of August.

While I was looking for someone else's lost arrow, my bow was stolen off the equipment line.

If you come across a Hoyt Formula RX with Formula Quattro limbs (long 38lb) and a fluorescent green string, it's mine.

Darren Clarkson
Bowmen of Adel

Ascham Silver Arrow cancelled

Andrew Neal - 11 August 2017

Unfortunately the Ascham Silver Arrow shoot, which was scheduled to take place at Selby on the 9th of September, has been cancelled owing to unforseen circumstances.

We apologise for any disappointment this causes, and hope to run the shoot in 2018.

Andrew Neal
Ascham Society
YAA President

AoER WA720 + H2H cancelled

David Reaney - 11 August 2017

Archers of East Riding regret to announce that owing to unforseen circumstances, we must cancel the WA720 + H2H which was due to take place on Sunday the 20th of August 2017.

We apologise for any disappointment this causes, and hope to run the shoot in 2018.

David Reaney
Archers of East Riding

Midsummer County Teams 2017

Sarah Dickinson and Bethany Woodcock - 15 July 2017

The last weekend of June saw our County Team represented at the National County Teams tournament. The shoot consisted of a ranking round and Head to Head on the Saturday and a WA1440 on the Sunday.

(Photo courtesy of Richard Hudson)

At the end of the ranking round our teams were in the following positions:
 Recurve Men 12th (Peter Bargewell, Neil Crickmore and Matthew Gardiner)
 Recurve Women 6th (Shelly Hurst, Megan Tinker and Bethany Woodcock)
 Compound Men 8th (Aaron Bainton, Adam Carpenter and Mark Franklin)
 Compound Women 5th (Izzy Carpenter, Marina Rose and Gwen Smith)
 Longbow Men 3rd (Richard Allan, David Whitman and Patrick Revell)
 Longbow Women 1st (Sheila Hudson, Sharon Revell and Helen Woodcock)

A notable mention to Sheila Hudson and Shelly Hurst who both qualified first in their categories, Longbow Women and Recurve Women respectively.

The afternoon saw the teams go into the H2H matches, and our teams fought strongly. Our Recurve Men were knocked out in the 1/8 matches having won their 1/16 6-0. Our Longbow Men and Compound Women got knocked out in the quarter finals by narrow margins. The compound men fought hard to come 4th scoring 219 against Hampshire A's 227. Our Recurve Ladies decided they liked shoot offs, finding time to fit two into their match play. They won their first shoot off against third seed Essex and Suffolk, giving them a semi final place. The third match against Warwickshire saw the ladies go from 4-0 down to 4-4 with a nail biting shoot off. The women lost the shoot off but went on to the medal matches where they won the Bronze against first seeds Oxfordshire 6-2. Our longbow ladies won the gold medal without conceding a set point against either Hampshire or Dorset & Wilts, showing that they are a force to be reckoned with.

If there was an award for cheering and team support we are certain that Yorkshire would win it, showing the rest of the counties how it's done. A special thank you to Neil and Megan for their supreme efforts ensuring that 'Yorkshire' was heard both on and off the field - we hope you've got your voices back!!!

The final H2H results were;
 Recurve Men 9th
 Recurve Women 3rd
 Compound Men 5th
 Compound Women 7th
 Longbow Men 6th
 Longbow Women 1st

For all the Day 1 results please see:
 Ianseo: Midsummer 2017 day 2 results

Day two saw the archers shooting a WA1440 in conditions that made Wetherby look like the Costa del Sol. Shooting was testing with the changing weather conditions going from sunny to drizzle to rain then back again. This even saw one of our longbow ladies' bows decide to go for a flying lesson...

(Photo courtesy of Sarah Dickinson)

The rankings after the WA1440 were:
 Recurve Men 15th
 Recurve Women 5th
 Compound Men 9th
 Compound Women 6th
 Longbow Men 6th
 Longbow Women 1st

For all the Day 2 results:
 Ianseo: Midsummer 2017 day 2 results

Our teams did really well over the weekend, with the longbow ladies team consisting of Sheila Hudson, Sharon Revell and Helen Woodcock winning the overall Longbow Women team award, once again showing how we will need them in the zombie apocalypse!

For the full results breakdown please use this link:
 Archery GB: Midsummer 2017 full results

(Photo courtesy of Sarah Dickinson)

Great shooting (and shouting) from all of Team Yorkshire :)

Sarah Dickinson and Bethany Woodcock

Yorkshire archers for the European Field Championships

4 July 2017

Yorkshire archers feature prominently in the Great Britain squad for the European Field Championships, which will be held in Slovenia from the 21st to the 27th of August.

Amy Oliver and Michelle Kiddy of Dearne Valley Archery Club will shoot in the Senior Women Recurve Team.

Megan Tinker, also of Dearne Valley Archery Club, will shoot in the Junior Women Recurve Team.

Joe Fairburn of Wharfe Valley Archers will shoot in the Junior Men Recurve Team.

Congratulations to them on their selection, and best wishes from all at the YAA.

Thank you!

Mark Hayes - 4 July 2017

Now that the second tournament weekend at Grange Park Wetherby is finished for this year I would like to thank all who helped and contributed either by organising, judging, helping set up on Friday, acting as field party at any point during the shoots and also helping to put everything away.

Everyone who helped out at both weekends are volunteers and they get involved to enable the competitors to enjoy their sport by taking part in tournament archery, claiming awards and get scores towards national rankings or YAA team selection.

There is a sign at the Grange Park ground which caught my attention which I would like to share. I think is applicable to our sport at all levels be it at national, county or club level.

Once again thank you to all who helped.

Mark Hayes
Yorkshire Archery Association Chairman

Gareth Beeby receives the Yorkshire Sword

Andy Wilkinson - 7 June 2017

The Yorkshire Sword for services to archery was presented to Gareth Beeby at the YAA Championships on Sunday the 4th of June 2017 by YAA President Andrew Neal.

Gareth Beeby is deserving of the award of the Yorkshire Sword for his outstanding service to Yorkshire and further to Northern Counties Archery Society. He also represents Yorkshire and Northern Counties to the English Archery Federation.
Gareth serves the county as a National Judge; a rank he achieved in 2016. In addition he has served on the YAA Committee for several years and has recently taken on the officer post of County Team Coordinator.
In addition to this he serves as a Yorkshire representative to Northern Counties where he fulfils the role of Regional Judge Liaison Officer and he serves the Yorkshire Judges exceptionally well in this role.
Gareth has further offered his services to the YAA through his passionate support of the tournament weekends in all roles; Judge, work party and archer.
2016 has been a busy year for Gareth and a successful one in terms of his service and his shooting of both Target and Clout; he has consistently put the county above all else and this I feel is the ultimate reason why he should receive the Yorkshire Sword.

Andy Wilkinson
Yorkshire Archery Association Secretary
Archery GB County Development Coordinator

Adel's Big Weekend

Nick Beeson - 7 June 2017

On June 18th, as part of the Archery GB Big Weekend and the Adel fete, the Bowmen of Adel are holding a public have-a-go session.

We are putting together a handout of clubs that are running beginners' courses for anyone who wishes to take the next steps.

If your club has courses coming up, and you would like to be included in this handout, please send an email to:

giving course dates, costs and a contact name (email or telephone preferred!) - not to forget your club name.

Nick Beeson
Bowmen of Adel

Archery GB Disability Championships

1st June 2017

Archery GB and the Worshipful Company of Fletchers are joining forces to hold a world class event - their first Disability Championships - at Lilleshall in August. It is open to all World Archery classified athletes and athletes with a physical impairment.

Head Paralympic coach Michael Peart said: "We are really looking forward to this event and thank the Worshipful Company of Fletchers for their kind support. It will give our GB Para team a chance to compete in a world class event before the World championships in September. This will be a great opportunity for our disability athletes to become Archery GB's disability champions."

The format for this event will be a 720 round with head to heads.
Saturday 26 August: qualification round and finals for the disability categories
Sunday 27 August: finals for the World Archery classified athletes

St George's AC Open Western cancelled

Sheila Taylor - 1st June 2017

It is with regret that I must inform you of our decision to cancel this year's Open Western. Unfortunately, the number of entries received has not made the shoot viable this year.

All entry forms and cheques received to date will be shredded.

Sheila Taylor
Vice Chair
St George's Archery Club

Help needed for YAA shoots

Andy Wilkinson - 25th May 2017

The YAA needs volunteers to help out at the upcoming Wetherby weekends:
 Lez Newsome Memorial WA1440 Star, Saturday 3rd June
 YAA Championships, Sunday 4th June
 NCAS/YAA Double WA1440 Star, Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd July

On the Saturday and Sunday of each weekend, we definitely need more volunteers to help with the following tasks throughout the day:
 Put on the target faces before sighters commence;
 Look for lost arrows (metal detectors and arrow drag operators);
 Move bosses, re-align and secure stands at up to three changes of distance;
 Change faces (120cm to 80cm) on WA 1440 days;
 Collect running slips and maintaining the leader board;
 Sell raffle tickets and arranging the raffle;
 Re-set the field at the end of Saturday, moving bosses and stands from 30m back to 100 yards/90metres, removing faces and re-aligning and securing.

On the Sunday evening:
 Dismantle and pack away the car park/caravan ropes and posts;
 Dismantle stands and bosses which the gents have kindly carried over to the container for us, and pack into the container;
 Collect the stands and bosses into the trailer from the ladies and junior lines, unload at the container, then dismantle and stack in the container;
 Dismantle the leader boards and stands and transport over to the container;
 Dismantle the marquee and tables, sound system and lighting and load into the trailer;
 Manoeuvre the loaded trailer into the container and check the site before leaving.

Obviously a number of these jobs require a reasonable level of strength and fitness when moving and lifting bosses and stands and loading into and out of the trailer, but not all jobs do.


If you feel you can help and would like to ensure the YAA Tournaments can continue for the benefit of our Yorkshire archers and visitors, please contact either Andrew Neal, Andy Wilkinson or Dave Phillips.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Andy Wilkinson
Yorkshire Archery Association Secretary
Archery GB County Development Coordinator

British Transplant Games 2017

Kath Fitzpatrick - 13 May 2017

The British Transplant Games 2017 will take place at Wishal Sports Centre, North Lanarkshire on Thursday July 27th. We expect over 100 participants, most of whom are non-archers! We need your help to make this event as big a success as in previous years. To do that we need:
 around 20 volunteer Archery GB coaches
 two judges
 20 bosses and stands with ropes and pegs
 40 bows with a maximum draw weight of 20 lbs
 66-68-70 as many arrows of around 30" as possible plus some longer, some shorter
 possibly a backstop net if indoors is used.

If you can help please contact the Sport Organiser Kath Fitzpatrick:
 01226 218518

or contact Scottish Archery via Martin Strang at:

Kath Fitzpatrick

Key found at Thirsk

Tom Fewz - 27th April 2017

Last weekend, 22nd and 23rd of April, we held our Annual WA720 event at our home field, Baldersby Park, near Topcliffe, North Yorkshire.

On the Sunday morning of that event, what looked like a security key was found within the confines of our field.

During the Sunday morning assembly briefing by the tournament Judges, an announcement was made by our club Chairman, Ken Billings, stating that this key had been found within the confines of our field, but no one present on that day came forward to claim it.

It is possible, however, that as our event is held over a two day period, and some of the archers and spectators attending may have only been present for the Saturday, the key may have belonged to one of the Saturday attendants.

The key has a digitally engraved serial number on its reverse, which leads me to believe this is a key of some importance to someone.

If this is yours, I'll gladly package and post the key off to you. Please email the YAA via:

Tom Fewz
Thirsk Bowmen

YAA Clout Weekend 2017

Mark Hayes - 18th April 2017

The first YAA clout weekend took place over the Easter weekend on 15th and 16th April at Hutton Cranswick sports field, the home of Archers of East Riding.

Saturday saw the first World Archery clout and metric clout rounds held by the county, on a sunny day with a challenging breeze. There was good support for the event with 79 archers from all over the country attending. They were well looked after by the members of Archers of East Riding. Trevor Astley was the Lord Patron for the weekend and the judges were Karen Winsett, Allan Shuker, Martin Middleton and Kieran Dexter. 12 tassel awards were claimed on the day including two golds by Terry Rush and Aidan Harris, which deserve a special mention considering the conditions.

The YAA Senior and Junior Clout Championships took place on Sunday 16th and the weather started with sunny skies and a breeze but this changed to showers and a change in wind direction during the afternoon which made the shooting challenging, but the 85 archers were up to the challenge as the results show.

Following the shooting and raffle, the prizegiving took place in the clubhouse with visitor and Yorkshire awards being presented by Trevor Astley. I would like to thank the volunteers who gave up their Good Friday to help with the field set up and also Trevor, Karen, Allan, Kieran and Martin for carrying out their duties over the weekend as well as Archers of East Riding for use of their excellent venue and especially the ladies who gave up their bank holiday weekend to provide food and refreshments for everyone.

The 2018 YAA Clout Weekend will take place over the weekend of 14th and 15th April at Hutton Cranswick, Driffield.

Mark Hayes
YAA Clout Officer
YAA Chairman

Junior Masters un-cancelled

11th April 2017

Archery GB has announced that the Junior Masters tournament is back on. It will be held on Sunday the 6th of August 2017.

Oxford Archers have stepped in and will host the event.

They are currently working on the revised one day format and will publish full details in the near future.

Junior Masters cancelled

3rd April 2017

Archery GB has cancelled the Junior Masters tournament. Costs are cited as the reason. They state that any archers who qualified for the 2017 competition will be invited to the 2018 competition (should that take place).

More details are available on the Archery GB site:
 Archery GB: Junior Masters cancelled

Funds raised at Barnsley AC Early Bird

Sophie and Tony Carpenter - 18th March 2017

Barnsley Archery Club would like to thank all the archers for supporting our Early Bird shoot.

With all the generous donations a total of 370 was raised and will be split three ways between Cancer Research, Macmillan Cancer Support and Mind Charities.

Many thanks to all the archers who braved the weather conditions and supported the event and we hope to see you all again next year.

Sophie and Tony Carpenter
Barnsley Archery Club

BUCS Indoor Archery - Finals Qualification

Simon Slater - 3rd March 2017

The BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Northern qualifier event took place on Saturday the 4th of February at the EIS Sheffield.

The event was ably run by the BUCS archery SAG (Sport Advisory Group) including YAA members Bethany Woodcock and Kieran Dexter, with a host of student volunteers, scorers and judges.

Over 430 archers attended the qualifier which was split over three sessions throughout the day.

Universities from within the YAA area were well represented, with teams and individuals from, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Bradford, University of Huddersfield, University of Hull, University of Sheffield, University of York and Leeds Beckett University.

The full finals qualification list is now available following the Southern Event qualifier which took place on Saturday the 25th of February in Crawley.

The following student archers have all qualified for the finals event, which takes place on Saturday the 18th of March at Coombe Dingle Sports College, Bristol.

Women's Recurve (top 74 qualify from 174):
 Jessie Slater, Leeds Beckett University, 9th
 Charlotte Smith, University of Bradford, 21st
 Emily Bryant, Sheffield Hallam University, 22nd
 Katie Wood, University of York, 59th

Women's Barebow (top 28 qualify from 76):
 Yasmin Beladaci, University of Sheffield, 11th
 Alyssa Porter, University of York, 27th

Mens Recurve (top 74 qualify from 280):
 Matthew Gardiner, University of Bradford, 50th
 Freddie Marshall, University of Bradford, 55th
 Jack Wells, University of Sheffield, 58th

Men's Barebow (top 28 qualify from 133):
 Daniel Sugden, University of Hull, 17th
 Jared Stoughton, University of York, 19th

Other YAA archers, not shooting for YAA universities, who have also qualified for the finals are:

Women's recurve:
 Bethany Woodcock, University of Central Lancashire, 39th

Women's Longbow:
 Helen Woodcock, University of Central Lancashire, 2nd

Women's Compound:
 Louise Smith, University of the West of Scotland, 5th

Well done to all, good luck and shoot well in the finals, from all at the YAA.

Simon Slater

67th AGM of the YAA

Andy Wilkinson - 10th February 2017

Notice of the 67th Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Yorkshire Archery Association has been arranged for Saturday 11th March 2017 at Barnsley Archery Club, Barnsley Rugby Club, Shaw Lane, Barnsley at 10:30 AM in the Holgate suite. I look forward to seeing you there but should you be unable to attend please try to ensure that your club is represented.

Agenda for the 67th AGM

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the 66th AGM
    • Points of Accuracy
    • Approval
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Chairman's Report
  5. Secretary's Report
  6. Treasurer's Report
    • Approve accounts
    • Set Affiliation Fees
    • Appointment of a Validator
  7. Officers reports
    • CCO
    • JLO
    • Junior Officer
    • PRO
    • Tournaments (Target, Clout, Field & Longbow)
    • Teams
    • Safeguarding
  8. Committee Recommendations
    • Proposed changes to the Constitution
  9. Election of Officers and Members of the General Committee
  10. Confirmation in post of Safeguarding Officers

 YAA Annual General Meeting 2016 minutes

Andy Wilkinson
Yorkshire Archery Association Secretary
Archery GB County Development Coordinator

YAA Indoor Championships full

Andrew Neal - 8 February 2017

The YAA Indoor Championships shoot is now full.

Here is a list of who has entered and the session:
 YAA Indoor Championships 2017 entry list

The target list will be produced towards the end of the month.

If anyone can't shoot, I would appreciate it if they inform me by e-mail:

Andrew Neal
YAA President

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