Archery in Yorkshire

The purpose of the Yorkshire Archery Association is to promote and support the sport of archery in Yorkshire.
The YAA is the county affiliation body for clubs in Yorkshire.
The YAA represents Yorkshire's archers at the regional and national levels.
The YAA is affiliated to the Northern Counties Archery Society and Archery GB (the Grand National Archery Society).
The YAA has the largest number of affiliated clubs of any English county organisation.
The YAA organises several tournaments each year including the indoor and outdoor county championships.
The YAA selects and manages the Yorkshire county teams.
The YAA maintains records of the highest scores achieved in the various disciplines of archery practised in the county.
The YAA presents awards in recognition of service to archers and clubs in Yorkshire.


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YAA constitution

 YAA constitution, amended March 2022 (DOC)

Affiliations 2023-2024

 YAA and NCAS affiliation fees and process 2023-2024
 YAA and NCAS affiliation status of clubs 2023-2024


Arrowhawks Archery Academy has been launched to provide national talent development and academy programmes to Yorkshire

 Arrowhawks booklet (PDF)

Danage timing equipment

The YAA's new Danage timing system is available for use by YAA clubs:

Notifications of updates

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YAA events

Entry for most YAA shoots will henceforth be online only, through Squarespace. The page for the entry and camping booking forms is:
 YAA shoots store on Squarespace
YAA Annual General Meeting 2024 9 March 2024 (Barnsley)  
YAA Indoor Championships 23 March 2024 (York)  2024 entry

 2023 results
YAA Clout Championships 20-21 April 2024  2024 metric entry
 2024 imperial entry
 2024 camping

 Metric 2023 results
 Imperial 2023 results
Lez Newsome Memorial Metric Day
(Single WA1440 Star and Metrics)
1 June 2024  2024 entry
 2024 camping

 2023 results
YAA Senior & Junior Championships 2 June 2024  2024 entry
 2024 camping

 2023 results
YAA Field Championships 22-23 June 2024  2024 details
YAA WA1440 6 July 2024  2024 entry
 2024 camping

 2023 results
Double WA720/WA50 7 July 2024  2024 entry
 2024 camping

 2023 results
YAA Longbow Championships
5 Counties Juniors Match    2023 results
5 Counties Seniors Match    2023 results
Yorkshire Ironman    2023 results

This site

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Latest news

29 February 2024: Arrowhawks will be running a L1 Session Coach training course, fully face to face, in Haxby from April:
 Level 1 Session Coach course at Arrowhawks, York

Bronte Archers will hold their WRS Double WA 1440 on the 13th and 14th of July:
 Bronte Archers NCAS WRS Double WA1440

22 February 2024: NFP Archery will be running a Session Coach course at Selby:
 Session Coach training courses by NFP Archery at Selby

The Saint George Longbow Tournament will be hosted by the Bowmen of Adel on the 28th of April:
 The Saint George Longbow Tournament

South Leeds Archers have published the target list for Part 4 of their Indoor Rings Series:
 South Leeds Archers - The Return of the Kings, target list

York Archers Society have released the results of the Yorkshire Combined:
 York Archers Society Yorkshire Combined 2024 results

20 February 2024: The longbow tournaments of De Notton Bowers are now open to BLBS members as well as Archery GB members:
 De Notton Bowers Longbow Western
 De Notton Bowers Hereford Longbow Competition
 De Notton Bowers Longbow Albion

17 February 2024: York Archers Society will hold their Spring Clout on the 13th of April:
 York Archers Society Spring Clout Tournament

South Leeds Archers have issued the results of their Indoor Barebow WA18 & H2H:
 South Leeds Archers Indoor Barebow WA18 & H2H

12 February 2024: Bronte Archers have issued the entry form for their Spring Weekend, which will be held on Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of May:
 Bronte Archers Spring Weekend Tournament

8 February 2024: The January 2024 results of the Yorkshire Junior Indoor Postal League are now out:
 Yorkshire Junior Indoor Postal League - January results

7 February 2024: The 315th Scorton Silver Arrow will be held in Harrogate on the 18th of May:
 The Antient Scorton Silver Arrow

4 February 2024: A right-handed Bowtech Sentinel compound bow has been added to the Small Ads page:
 Bowtech Sentinel Compound (RH) 50-60lbs

Thirsk Bowmen will hold their world record status WA720 Weekend on the 27th and 28th of April:
 Thirsk Bowmen WRS WA720 Weekend

The Chantry Sword Longbow Tournament will take place on the 8th of June:
 The Chantry Sword Longbow Tournament

1 February 2024: The NCAS Coach Conference included a presentation on the key aspects of the role of County Coaching Officer:
 Role of the CCO

28 January 2024: Dennis Wilcockson of the Archers of Bridlington and Burton Agnes has passed away:
 Dennis Wilcockson

26 January 2024: The Pandamonium is back! Panda Bowmen will hold their Longbow Tournament on the 11th of May:
 Panda Bowmen Pandamonium 28th Longbow Tournament

25 January 2024: South Leeds Archers have published the results of the third instalment of their Rings series, plus the current standings:
 South Leeds Archers Indoor Ring Series part 3 - The Hobbit - 2023 results
 South Leeds Archers Indoor Ring Series - standings after three rounds

Thirsk Bowmen will hold the 2nd Jason Price Memorial Longbow Tournament on the 17th of August:
 Thirsk Bowmen Jason Price Memorial Longbow Tournament

22 January 2024: St George's AC will hold the Ted Mallett Clout on the 14th of April:
 St George's Archery Club Ted Mallett Open Clout Tournament

18 January 2024: The Selby Westerns will take place on the 19th of May:
 Selby Archery Club 46th Annual Open Westerns Tournament

St George's AC will hold the Bill Spencer Western on the 23rd of June:
 St George's Archery Club Bill Spencer Open Western

15 January 2024: The YAA Clout Championships will be held on the 20th and 21st of April:
 YAA Clout Weekend 2024

Entries are now open for the YAA's Wetherby Weekends:
 The Lez Newsome Memorial Metric Day (1 June 2024)
 YAA Annual County Championships (2 June 2024)
 YAA Open WA1440 and Metrics (6 July 2024)
 YAA Double WA720/WA50 (7 July 2024)

Archers of East Riding will hold their Double Clout Weekend on the 25th and 26th of May:
 Archers of East Riding Double Clout Weekend

11 January 2024: The YAA's Coach Qualification Grants have been revised:
 Coach qualification grants

The December 2023 results of the Junior Archers Postal League have been published:
 YAA Junior Indoor results December 2023 (PDF)

7 January 2024: Pennine Archers will hold their Combined Brays on the 3rd of March:
 Pennine Archers Combined Brays

Wharfe Valley Archers will hold their Midsummer Field shoot, incorporating the YAA Field Championships, on the 22nd and 23rd of June:
 Wharfe Valley Archers Midsummer Shoot

2 January 2024: David Aikin's funeral will be held on the 18th of January:
 David Aikin funeral details

Archers of Bridlington and Burton Agnes will hold their ABBA Dabba Doo shoot on the 9th of March:
 Archers of Bridlington & Burton Agnes 12th ABBA Dabba Do Longbow Shoot

The results of the Yorkshire Ironman have been dried out and published:
 Bowmen of Adel and Yorkshire Archery Association Ironman 2023 results (PDF)

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