YAA service awards

The Yorkshire Sword

The Yorkshire Sword, presented in memory of Eric Strickland and Phil Simpson, is awarded annually to the YAA-affiliated archer who, in the opinion of the Clubs and Committee Members of the Association, has made the greatest service to archery in Yorkshire in the course of a specific year. The award is voted on by the clubs in the county and by YAA Committee members.

Please note that the award of the Sword is for service in the course of a specific year, not for long-term service. For long-term service, the appropriate awards are the Yorkshire Award and the Award of Merit.

The recipients to date are:

Date presentedFor service in yearArcher
4th June 19721971Major R M Crees
17th June 19731972John Seddon
9th June 19741973Geoff Brooksbank
June 19751974Tom Musgrove
6th June 19761975George Thorley
14th May 19771976Mrs J Merry
21st May 19781977Les Kent
12th May 19791978R Billington
10th May 19801979P Evans
16th May 19811980Stan Snow
24th April 19821981M Evans
14th May 19831982Mr B Lloyd
17th March 19841983Audrey Lawrence
9th March 19851984Janet Wales
15th March 19861985Pam Snow
14th March 19871986Noel Lawrence
12th March 19881987Richard Wales
11th March 19891988Stan Snow
3rd March 19901989George Penman
16th March 19911990Mr K Morrison
14th March 19921991Frank Duffy
13th March 19931992Kath Fitzpatrick
15th January 19941993Mick Fitzpatrick
11th March 19951994Kath Fitzpatrick
6th January 19961995Andrew Neal
18th January 19971996Pete Garner
17th January 19981997Gordon Foster
13th March 19991998Ted Mallett
June 20001999Nick Beeson
June 20012000Andrew Neal
June 20022001Dave Phillips
31st May 20032002Dennis Heritage
3rd July 20042003John Gilroy
5th June 20052004Kath Fitzpatrick
3rd June 20062005Martyn Spence
3rd June 20072006Tim Mason
1st June 20082007Martin Holtby
9th June 20092008Michael Ward
6th June 20102009Ann Shooter
5th June 20112010Karen Winsett
20122011- not awarded -
2nd June 20132012Mark Hayes
20142013- not awarded -
7th June 20152014Trevor Astley
5th June 20162015Valerie Henty
4th June 20172016Gareth Beeby
3rd June 20182017Helen Woodcock
2nd June 20192018Allan Shuker
4th July 20212019Gwen Smith
20212020- not awarded -
20222021- not awarded -
4th June 20232022Roger Smart

The YAA Award of Merit

The YAA Award of Merit, incepted in 1992, is the highest award which can be bestowed on any individual for enduring service to the county. It is awarded for "exemplary service to archery in any sphere of the sport i.e. performance, coaching, administration or the development of the sport". The recipients are:

6th January 1996Phil and Mary Evans
23rd April 1996Audrey Lawrence
24th April 1999Ray Chaplin
13th May 2000Kath Fitzpatrick
June 2001John Seddon
June 2001Anita Chapman
June 2001Pam Snow
2nd June 2002Stan Snow
1st July 2006Andrew Neal
19th April 2009Mick Fitzpatrick
14th March 2010Dave Phillips
October 2010Danielle Brown
8th March 2015Amy Oliver

The Yorkshire Award

At the 2007 AGM, a new Yorkshire Award was incepted. This will be awarded to a Yorkshire archer or couple (affiliated to the YAA) who has/have done exemplary work within or on behalf of their particular club, over a number of years. Nominations for the Yorkshire Award, from clubs, should be sent in writing to the Association's Secretary, accompanied by a citation, for consideration by the General Committee.
See the Administration page for more details and the nomination form:
 Yorkshire Award details

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