Performance awards

Various performance awards (non-financial!) are available to archers.

Rose Awards

Rose Awards are issued by the GNAS. They are available for scores achieved on York, Hereford, Bristol I, Bristol II, Bristol III and Bristol IV rounds at shoots that have applied for and received Rose Award status. The required scores are:

   White    Black    Blue    Red    Gold    Purple  

The eligible rounds for each combination of gender and age are:

Senior LadiesHereford
Senior GentlemenYork
Jnr Ladies under 18Bristol II
Jnr Ladies under 16Bristol III
Jnr Ladies under 13Bristol IV
Jnr Gentlemen under 16Bristol II
Jnr Gentlemen under 14Bristol III
Jnr Gentlemen under 12Bristol IV
Jnr Gentlemen under 18Bristol I

FITA stars

FITA Stars are given for achieving certain scores on the Gentlemen's FITA or Ladies FITA rounds at record status shoots. Women can claim FITA stars for scores on the Ladies FITA, men for scores on the Gentlemen's FITA. The awards are issued for scores equal to or exceeding 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1350 and 1400.

English Crosses

English Crosses are awarded by the English Archery Federation for achieving certain scores on the appropriate FITA round for your gender and age at a record status shoot. The awards are issued for scores equal to or exceeding 950, 1050, 1150, 1250 and 1325.

Tassel awards

Tassel badges of various colours are given for achieving certain scores in clout shooting.

Six clout ends

The Six Clout award can be claimed for landing all six arrows of an end in the gold ring during a GNAS clout round.

Six gold ends

The Six Gold award can be claimed by archers shooting all six arrows in the gold in a single end at either of the two longer distances for their gender during an outdoor target round.

Minimum distances for six-gold badge awards
Age groupImperial roundsMetric rounds
Seniors60 yards60 metres
Under 18 years50 yards50 metres
Under 16 years40 yards40 metres
Under 13 years30 yards30 metres
Age groupImperial roundsMetric rounds
Seniors80 yards70 metres
Under 18 years60 yards60 metres
Under 16 years50 yards50 metres
Under 14 years40 yards40 metres
Under 12 years30 yards30 metres

Arrowhead awards

FITA Arrowhead badges can be claimed for achieving certain scores on FITA 24 field rounds, marked or unmarked, that have Arrowhead status.

Handicap improvement medal

The GNAS issues a Handicap Improvement Medal to clubs, who in turn may award it to the archer who has achieved the greatest improvement in handicap over the course of the season.

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