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Please note: records must be claimed by the archer in order to be recognised. The YAA will not know about the record otherwise. The score MUST have been shot in open competition. Please direct all record claims (on a YAA County Record claim form) with a copy of the official results sheet for the tournament to Andrew Neal.
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Records at 24th October 2018
Junior Ladies Freestyle
Single one-way 120 ydsH HurnSt George's37
Double one-way 120 ydsH HurnSt George's54
Single one-way 100 ydsN AllanSelby138
Double one-way 100 ydsN AllanSelby276
Single one-way 80 ydsGemma BreeseBronte97
Double one-way 80 ydsGemma BreeseBronte184
Single FITA 75 mtsHannah FoxBurton Constable163
Double FITA 75 mtsHannah FoxBurton Constable324
Junior Ladies Barebow
Single one-way 100 ydsJessica Hardesty DeanSt George's82
Double one-way 100 ydsJessica Hardesty DeanSt George's146
Single two-way 100 ydsJessica Hardesty DeanSt George's69
Double two-way 100 ydsJessica Hardesty DeanSt George's97
Single one-way 80 ydsSally FosterBarnsley97
Double one-way 80 ydsSally FosterBarnsley165
Single two-way 80 ydsMiranda LascellesSt George's2
Double two-way 80 ydsMiranda LascellesSt George's19
Single FITA 110 mtsImogen LascellesSt George's3
Double FITA 110 mtsImogen LascellesSt George's16
Single FITA 90 mtsJessica Hardesty DeanSt George's137
Double FITA 90 mtsJessica Hardesty DeanSt George's261
Single FITA 75 mtsJessica Hardesty DeanSt George's141
Double FITA 75 mtsJessica Hardesty DeanSt George's270
Junior Ladies Longbow
Single one-way 120 ydsSally FosterBarnsley29
Double one-way 120 ydsSally FosterBarnsley56
Single one-way 100 ydsSally FosterBarnsley74
Double one-way 100 ydsSally FosterBarnsley164
Single one-way 80 ydsRosie ElliottChantry83
Double one-way 80 ydsRosie ElliottChantry142
Junior Ladies Compound
Single one-way 140 ydsKatie FosterBarnsley131
Double one-way 140 ydsKatie FosterBarnsley259
Single two-way 140 ydsNeeve LomasSt George's85
Double two-way 140 ydsNeeve LomasSt George's168
Single one-way 120 ydsGemma BreeseBronte119
Double one-way 120 ydsGemma BreeseBronte247
Single one-way 100 ydsGemma BreeseBronte105
Single two-way 100 ydsNeeve LomasSt George's78
Double one-way 100 ydsGemma BreeseBronte220
Double two-way 100 ydsNeeve LomasSt George's166
Single one-way 80 ydsKatie FosterBarnsley106
Double one-way 80 ydsKatie FosterBarnsley210
Single FITA 165 mtsKatie FosterBarnsley151
Double FITA 165 mtsKatie FosterBarnsley280
Single FITA 125 mtsNeeve LomasSt George's153
Double FITA 125 mtsNeeve LomasSt George's293
Single FITA 110 mtsNeeve LomasSt George's147
Double FITA 110 mtsNeeve LomasSt George's297

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