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Please note: records must be claimed by the archer in order to be recognised. The YAA will not know about the record otherwise. The score MUST have been shot in open competition. Please direct all record claims (on a YAA County Record claim form) with a copy of the official results sheet for the tournament to Andrew Neal.
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Records at 19th of March 2024
Imperial outdoor rounds
York1162Roger Castillo
Double York2179Paul Jones
York 2 Way  
St George810Lez J Newsome
New Western678Raymond Sloan
New National504L J Blake
Hereford1198E B Goodliffe
Double Hereford2016Paul Heaps
Albion916E B Goodliffe
Albion 2 Way  
Long Western782M Deller
Long National590Neil Crickmore
Western846Mark Farrow
Western 2 Way  
National616Ian Reynolds
National 2 Way  
Double National1200G Thompson
Double National 2 Way  
National 50  
Windsor938Robert Key
American788G Thompson
Double American1578G Thompson
Long Warwick299Richard Hudson
Warwick382Richard Hudson
Imperial outdoor rounds
York560Patrick Revell
Double York818Patrick Revell
York 2 Way543Adrian Hayes
St George299Martin Jordan
New Western317Martin Jordan
New National183D A Shepherd
New Warwick173Martin Jordan
Hereford702Colin F Hope
Double Hereford  
Albion561Colin F Hope
Albion 2 Way618Adrian Hayes
Long Western423Brendan Bourke
Long National279Martin Jordan
Western635Colin F Hope
Western 2 Way619Colin F Hope
National427Patrick Revell
National 2 Way360Martin Jordan
Double National806Patrick Revell
Double National 2 Way615Colin Hope
National 50478Colin F Hope
Windsor733Colin F Hope
American553Colin F Hope
Double American1085Ged Hebdige
Long Warwick216Martin Jordan
Warwick242David Whitham
Warwick 50300David Whitham
Imperial outdoor rounds
York1262Steven Dixon
Double York2518Mark Franklin
York 2 Way  
St George909Daniel Cresswell
New Western762Matthias David
New National  
Hereford1264Aaron Bainton
Double Hereford  
Albion966Chris Parkin
Albion 2 Way  
Long Western858Mark Franklin
Long National624Mark Hayes
Western862Stephen Wilkinson
Western 2 Way  
National640Will Kempf
National 2 Way  
Double National1280J Thompson
Double National 2 Way  
National 50  
Windsor956Andy Devanney
American804J Thompson
Double American1602J Thompson
Warwick412Robert Prince
Warwick 50426Robert Prince
Imperial outdoor rounds
York907Alan Driffield
Double York1732Alan Driffield
York 2 Way  
St George525Allan Driffield
New Western458Alan Driffield
New National  
New Warwick215Alan Driffield
Hereford975David Butterell
Double Hereford1949David Butterell
Albion766David Butterell
Long Warwick308Allan Driffield
Long Western654David Butterell
Long National448Allan Driffield
Western732Allan Driffield
Western 2 Way  
Western 50  
Western 40  
Western 30  
National548Allan Driffield
Double National1084Allan Driffield
Double National 2 Way  
National 50  
National 40  
National 30  
Windsor806Allan Driffield
Windsor 50  
Windsor 40  
Windsor 30  
American684Allan Driffield
Double American1377Ash Niwaz
Warwick332Gary Melia
Double Warwick664Gary Melia
Metric outdoor rounds
Gents WA 14401289Nick Everitt
Double Gents WA 14402554Mark Farrow
WA 720 70m650Roger Castillo
Double WA 720 70m1274Joe Fairburn
WA 900824Nigel Allan
Long Metric624Grant Womack
Short Metric661Neil Crickmore
Metric outdoor rounds
Gents WA 1440777Adrian Hayes
Double Gents WA 14401230Patrick Revell
Ladies WA 1440630David Whitham
WA 720 70m319Martin Jordan
Double WA 720 70m441David Whitham
WA 720 60m309Richard Hudson
Double WA 720 60m613Richard Hudson
WA 720 50m390Richard Hudson
WA 900592Patrick Revell
Long Metric271Martin Jordan
Short Metric  
Metric outdoor rounds
Gents WA 14401393Oskars Lock
Double Gents WA 14402746Oskars Lock
WA 720 70m  
Double WA 720 70m  
WA 720 50m694Adam Carpenter
Double WA 720 50m1370Adam Carpenter
WA 50m 15 arrow pass148Oskars Lock
Double WA 50m1337Jez Clarke
WA 900872Mark Hayes
Long Metric676Steven Dixon
Short Metric704Adam Carpenter
Metric outdoor rounds
Gents WA 14401013Alan Driffield
Double Gents WA 14401919Allan Driffield
WA 720 70m490Allan Driffield
Double WA 720 70m943Allan Driffield
WA 720 50m579Allan Driffield
Double WA 50m1148Allan Driffield
WA 900689Allan Driffield
Long Metric482Allan Driffield
Short Metric561Alan Driffield
Indoor rounds
Stafford682Neil Crickmore
Portsmouth594Nick Everitt
Double Portsmouth1179Mark Farrow
Worcester296Tom Duncan
Double Worcester586Tom Duncan
Combined Portsmouth/Worcester884Joe Birley
WA 18m581Mark Farrow
Double WA 18m1124Mark Farrow
WA 25m577Mark Farrow
Combined WA1142Mark Farrow
Vegas559Mark Farrow
Bray I284Samson Wong
Bray II269Richard Hudson
Combined Brays513Richard Hudson
Indoor rounds
Stafford549Martin Jordan
Two-way Stafford516Ged Hebdidge
Double two-way Stafford1056Ged Hebdidge
Portsmouth528Colin F Hope
Double Portsmouth1020Colin F Hope
Worcester241Colin F Hope
Double Worcester474Colin F Hope
Combined Portsmouth/Worcester649Colin F Hope
WA 18m458Dave Phillips
WA 25m467Colin F Hope
Combined WA794Martin Jordan
Vegas343Colin F Hope
Bray I205Martin Jordan
Bray II227Colin F Hope
Combined Brays415Martin Jordan
Indoor rounds
Stafford660Robert Prince
Portsmouth596Oskars Lock
Double Portsmouth1178Oskars Lock
Worcester300Richard Watts
Double Worcester600Chris Noble
WA 18m585Chris Parkin
WA 25m574Chris Parkin
Combined WA1148Adam Carpenter
Vegas587John Gilroy
Vegas 300298Chris Noble
Double Vegas 300594Chris Noble
Bray I283Neil Crickmore
Bray II281Neil Crickmore
Combined Brays564Neil Crickmore
Indoor rounds
Stafford593Alan Driffield
Portsmouth555David Butterell
Double Portsmouth1104David Butterell
Worcester271David Butterell
Double Worcester537David Butterell
WA 18m530Daniel Sugden
WA 25m490Alan Driffield
Combined WA950Alan Driffield
Vegas432Steve Winfield

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