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Please note: records must be claimed by the archer in order to be recognised. The YAA will not know about the record otherwise. The score MUST have been shot in open competition. Please direct all record claims (on a YAA County Record claim form) with a copy of the official results sheet for the tournament to Andrew Neal.
YAA County Record claim form (PDF format)
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Records at 19th of March 2024
Imperial outdoor rounds
Double York  
York 2 Way  
St George  
New Western  
New National  
Hereford1168Nicole Allen
Double Hereford2272Nicole Allen
Albion808Jessie Slater
Long Western609Jessie Slater
Western802Nicole Allen
Western 2 Way  
Western 50748R Tune
Western 40830R Tune
Western 30812Niamh Titchener
Long National193A Thorley
National581J Abbott
Double National943H Warnes
Double National 2 Way  
National 50570Hannah Fox
National 40598Hannah Fox
National 30630Hannah Fox
National 30 (2nd round)634Hannah Fox
Double National 301264Hannah Fox
Windsor737Karly Johnson
Windsor 50886Jessie Slater
Windsor 40936Hannah Fox
Windsor 30950Hannah Fox
American738J Abbott
Double American1468J Abbott
Bristol 1827V Haley
Bristol 21196Megan Tinker
Double Bristol 22160Megan Tinker
Bristol 31234Nicole Allen
Double Bristol 32356Elizabeth Ferguson
Bristol 41246A Cooke
Double Bristol 42356Niamh Titchener
Bristol 51226Hannah Fox
Double Bristol 52408Niamh Titchener
Warwick 40316Hannah Fox
Warwick 30382Hannah Fox
Imperial outdoor rounds
York185Rosie Elliott
Double York306Rosie Elliott
York 2 Way126Rosie Elliott
St George  
New Western  
New National  
Hereford399Rosie Elliott
Double Hereford  
Albion231Rosie Elliott
Long Western229Rosie Elliott
Western383Rosie Elliott
Western 2 Way127Rosie Elliott
Western 50379Millie Bartrop
Western 40658Rosie Elliott
Western 30780Rosie Elliott
Western 30 2 way351Rosie Elliott
Long National111Rosie Elliott
National223Rosie Elliott
Double National477Rosie Elliott
Double National 2 Way261Rosie Elliott
National 50  
National 40457Rosie Elliott
National 30510Rosie Elliott
Windsor445Rosie Elliott
Windsor 50  
Windsor 40688Rosie Elliott
Windsor 30781Rosie Elliott
American385Rosie Elliott
Double American605Rosie Elliott
Bristol 1  
Bristol 2368E Phillips
Bristol 3704Rosie Elliott
Double Bristol 31379Rosie Elliott
Bristol 4975Rosie Elliott
Double Bristol 41499Rosie Elliott
Bristol 5  
Warwick144Rosie Elliott
Warwick 50253Rosie Elliott
Warwick 30340Rosie Elliott
Imperial outdoor rounds
Double York  
York 2 Way  
St George  
New Western  
New National  
Hereford1274Izzy Carpenter
Double Hereford2348Izzy Carpenter
Albion936Izzy Carpenter
Long Western702A Cooke
Western840Izzy Carpenter
Western 2 Way  
Western 50850Holly Hopkinson
Western 40824Izzy Carpenter
Western 30834Izzy Carpenter
Long National  
Double National  
Double National 2 Way  
National 50  
National 40  
National 30  
Windsor838Izzy Carpenter
Windsor 50906Hannah Stocks
Windsor 40894Izzy Carpenter
Windsor 30954Holly Hopkinson
Double American  
Bristol 1  
Bristol 21296Izzy Carpenter
Bristol 31288Izzy Carpenter
Double Bristol 32544Izzy Carpenter
Bristol 41284Holly Hopkinson
Double Bristol 42496Holly Hopkinson
Bristol 51270Holly Hopkinson
Double Bristol 52512Holly Hopkinson
Imperial outdoor rounds
Double York  
York 2 Way  
St George  
New Western  
New National  
Double Hereford  
Long Western  
Western674Emma James
Western 2 Way  
Western 50688Alexis Williams
Western 40274Eve Newton
Western 30712Emma James
Long National  
Double National  
Double National 2 Way  
National 50  
National 4069Eve Newton
Windsor573Rebecca Rush
Windsor 50744Alexis Williams
Windsor 40767Indigo Zaffino
Windsor788Emma James
Double American  
Bristol 1  
Bristol 21234Danielle Brown
Bristol 31075Helen Brown
Bristol 41183Georgina Brown
Bristol 51234Izzy Carpenter
Double Bristol 52040Emma James
Metric outdoor rounds
Ladies WA 14401250Nicole Allen
Double Ladies WA 14402430Nicole Allen
WA 720 70m586Nicole Allen
Double WA 720 70m1046Megan Tinker
WA 720 60m557Niamh Titchener
WA 720 30m550Hannah Fox
WA 900796Nicole Allen
Double WA 9001318Amy Oliver
Long Metric  
Short Metric  
Long Metric 1561Megan Tinker
Metric 11161Megan Tinker
Short Metric 1600Megan Tinker
Double Metric 12278Megan Tinker
Metric 21281Nicole Allen
Double Metric 22298Beth Farrow
Long Metric 3630Niamh Titchener
Metric 31292Hannah Fox
Double Metric 32568Hannah Fox
Short Metric 3670Hannah Fox
Long Metric 4602Hannah Fox
Metric 41317Elizabeth Ferguson
Double Metric 42611Elizabeth Ferguson
Short Metric 4658Hannah Fox
Long Metric 5637Hannah Fox
Metric 51308Hannah Fox
Double Metric 52577Eleanor Stott
Short Metric 5686Hannah Fox
Metric outdoor rounds
Ladies WA 1440456Rosie Elliott
Double Ladies WA 1440  
WA 720 70m130Rosie Elliott
Double WA 720 70m225Rosie Elliott
Cadet 60m133Rosie Elliott
WA 900  
Double WA 900  
Long Metric236Rosie Elliott
Long Metric 3386Rosie Elliott
Short Metric  
Metric 1  
Metric 2  
Metric 3843Rosie Elliott
Metric 41075Rosie Elliott
Double Metric 42146Rosie Elliott
Metric 51050Rosie Elliott
Metric outdoor rounds
Ladies WA 14401370Georgina Brown
Double Ladies WA 14402726Georgina Brown
WA 720 70m656Georgina Brown
WA 720 50m682Izzy Carpenter
Double WA 720 50m1344Izzy Carpenter
WA 50m 15 arrow pass144Izzy Carpenter
WA 900855Izzy Carpenter
Double WA 900  
Ladies Long Metric671Izzy Carpenter
Ladies Short Metric688Izzy Carpenter
Metric 1  
Short Metric 2682Izzy Carpenter
Metric 21357Izzy Carpenter
Double Metric 22605Beth Rhodes
Long Metric 2675Izzy Carpenter
Short Metric 3688Izzy Carpenter
Metric 31372Holly Hopkinson
Double Metric 32724Holly Hopkinson
Long Metric 3661Izzy Carpenter
Metric 41375Holly Hopkinson
Double Metric 42743Holly Hopkinson
Metric 51390Holly Hopkinson
Double Metric 52762Holly Hopkinson
Metric outdoor rounds
Ladies WA 1440453Rebecca Rush 
Double Ladies WA 1440790Rebecca Rush
WA 720 50m459Alexis Williams
WA 900273Rebecca Rush
Long Metric  
Short Metric  
Metric 1  
Double Metric 1  
Metric 2  
Double Metric 2  
Short Metric 3555Alexis Williams
Metric 31066Alexis Williams
Double Metric 32124Alexis Williams
Long Metric 3513Alexis Williams
Short Metric 4609Indigo Zaffino
Metric 41114Indigo Zaffino
Double Metric 4  
Long Metric 4505Indigo Zaffino
Metric 51149Emma James
Double Metric 52169Emma James
Indoor rounds
Stafford605J Abbott
Portsmouth583Megan Tinker
Double Portsmouth1131Megan Tinker
Worcester272Jessica Howden
Double Worcester508Amy Oliver
WA 18533Nicole Allen
WA 25529R Clift
Combined WA1033Nicole Allen
Vegas442J Bancroft
Combined Portsmouth/Worcester828Jessica Howden
Indoor rounds
Stafford433Rosie Elliott
Portsmouth458Rosie Elliott
Double Portsmouth807Rosie Elliott
Worcester189Rosie Elliott
Double Worcester359Rosie Elliott
Double Worcester 2-way256Rosie Elliott
Bray 1156Rosie Elliott
Bray 2160Rosie Elliott
Combined Brays316Rosie Elliott
WA 18284Rosie Elliott
WA 25264Rosie Elliott
Combined WA548Rosie Elliott
Vegas184Rosie Elliott
Indoor rounds
Portsmouth578Izzy Carpenter
Double Portsmouth1153Izzy Carpenter
Worcester292Holly Hopkinson
Double Worcester582Holly Hopkinson
Bray 1259Holly Hopkinson
Bray 2266Holly Hopkinson
Combined Brays525Holly Hopkinson
WA 18575Izzy Carpenter
WA 25569Izzy Carpenter
Combined WA1130Izzy Carpenter
Vegas476C Ruddick
Indoor rounds
Portsmouth445Constance Gaunt
Double Portsmouth  
Double Worcester  
WA 18413Constance Gaunt
WA 25  
Combined WA  

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