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Please note: records must be claimed by the archer in order to be recognised. The YAA will not know about the record otherwise. The score MUST have been shot in open competition. Please direct all record claims (on a YAA County Record claim form) with a copy of the official results sheet for the tournament to Andrew Neal.
YAA County Record claim form (PDF format)
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Records at 19th of March 2024
Imperial outdoor rounds
York724Bethany Dexter
Double York  
York 2 Way  
St George631B G Neal
New Western  
New National  
Hereford1216Malgorzata Sobieraj
Double Hereford2420Malgorzata Sobieraj
Albion878K Nellis
Long Western806Malgorzata Sobieraj
Long National491C Gordon
Western824Anita Chapman
Western 2 Way  
National578Michelle Kiddy
Double National1178K Nellis
Double National 2 Way  
Windsor926Anita Chapman
American776K Nellis
Double American1552K Nellis
Imperial outdoor rounds
York463Sheila Hudson
Double York868Sheila Hudson
York 2 Way355Sheila Hudson
St George402Sheila Hudson
New Western204Sheila Hudson
New National199Sheila Hudson
Hereford780Sheila Hudson
Double Hereford1554Sheila Hudson
Albion624Sheila Hudson
Albion 2 way544Sheila Hudson
Long Western413Sheila Hudson
Long National408Sheila Hudson
Western672Sheila Hudson
Western 2 Way590Sheila Hudson
National466Sheila Hudson
Double National723Anita Chapman
Double National 2 Way790Sheila Hudson
National 50380Sheila Hudson
Windsor708Sheila Hudson
American610Sheila Hudson
Double American1196Sheila Hudson
New Warwick154Sheila Hudson
Long Warwick268Sheila Hudson
Warwick286Sheila Hudson
Bristol 2902Sheila Hudson
Imperial outdoor rounds
York1150Mandy Wilson
Double York2284Mandy Wilson
York 2 Way  
St George868Vivienne Oxley
New Western  
New National  
Hereford1284Linda Garner
Double Hereford2552Lynda Oliver
Albion946Louise Farrow
Long Western824Linda Garner
Long National634Lynda Oliver
Western858Tracey McGowan
Western 2 Way  
National636Tracey McGowan
Double National  
Double National 2 Way  
Windsor948Louise Smith
American778Tracey McGowan
Double American1540Tracey McGowan
Imperial outdoor rounds
York518Dawn Howden
Double York  
York 2 Way  
St George  
New Western231Amanda Driffield
New National  
New Warwick108Amanda Driffield
Hereford798Amanda Driffield
Double Hereford1507Amanda Driffield
Albion628Liz Atkins
Long Warwick228Amanda Driffield
Long Western521Amanda Driffield
Long National294Amanda Driffield
Western650Liz Atkins
Western 2 Way  
National454Amanda Driffield
Double National871Amanda Driffield
Double National 2 Way  
Windsor727Amanda Driffield
American580Amanda Driffield
Double American1146Amanda Driffield
Warwick297Amanda Driffield
Bristol 2925Amanda Driffield
Double Bristol 21778Amanda Driffield
Metric outdoor rounds
Ladies WA 14401340Amy Oliver
Double Ladies WA 14402548Amy Oliver
Gents WA 1440  
Double Gents WA 1440  
WA 720 70m646Amy Oliver
WA 900800Anita Chapman
Long Metric606K Nellis
Short Metric628H Annand
Metric outdoor rounds
Ladies WA 1440872Sheila Hudson
Double Ladies WA 14401656Sheila Hudson
Gents WA 1440744Sheila Hudson
Double Gents WA 14401389Sheila Hudson
WA 720 70m386Sheila Hudson
Double WA 720 70m698Sheila Hudson
WA 720 60m440Sheila Hudson
Double WA 720 60m830Sheila Hudson
WA 720 50m513Sheila Hudson
WA 900660Sheila Hudson
Gents Long Metric288Sheila Hudson
Ladies Long Metric433Sheila Hudson
Short Metric477Sheila Hudson
Metric outdoor rounds
Ladies WA 14401406Danielle Brown
Double Ladies WA 14402796Danielle Brown
Gents WA 1440  
Double Gents WA 1440  
WA 720 70m666Louise Farrow
Double WA 720 70m1323Louise Farrow
WA 720 50m682Izzy Carpenter
Double WA 720 50m1344Izzy Carpenter
WA 50m 15 arrow pass144Izzy Carpenter
WA 900857Danielle Brown
Long Metric663Linda Garner
Short Metric  
Metric outdoor rounds
Ladies WA 1440875Amanda Driffield
Double Ladies WA 14401724Amanda Driffield
Gents WA 1440  
Double Gents WA 1440  
WA 720 70m378Amanda Driffield
Double WA 720 70m720Amanda Driffield
WA 720 50m514Amanda Driffield
Double WA 720 50m937Amanda Driffield
WA 900601Amanda Driffield
Long Metric461Amanda Driffield
Short Metric467Amanda Driffield
Indoor rounds
Stafford640H Annand
Portsmouth587Amy Oliver
Double Portsmouth1172Amy Oliver
Worcester300Amy Oliver
Double Worcester589Amy Oliver
WA 18m574Amy Oliver
WA 25m560H Annand
Combined WA1056Michelle Kiddy
Vegas529A Williams
Bray I252Lara Guiet
Bray II - 25 yd256Tracey McGowan
Combined Brays473Tracey McGowan
Indoor rounds
Stafford578Sheila Hudson
Double Stafford1143Sheila Hudson
Portsmouth538Sheila Hudson
Double Portsmouth1064Sheila Hudson
Worcester244Sheila Hudson
Worcester two-way206Sheila Hudson
Double Worcester473Sheila Hudson
Double Worcester two-way423Sheila Hudson
WA 18m477Sheila Hudson
WA 25m457Sheila Hudson
Combined WA908Sheila Hudson
Vegas440Sheila Hudson
Vegas 300194Sheila Hudson
Bray I226Sheila Hudson
Bray II - 25 yd244Sheila Hudson
Combined Brays466Sheila Hudson
Indoor rounds
Stafford670Linda Garner
Portsmouth578Izzy Carpenter
Double Portsmouth1154Linda Garner
Worcester300Lynda Oliver
Double Worcester598Dawn Ducker
WA 18m581Linda Garner
WA 25m569Izzy Carpenter
Combined WA1130Izzy Carpenter
Vegas562A Tarasek
Bray I  
Bray II - 25 yd  
Combined Brays  
Indoor rounds
Stafford548Amanda Driffield
Portsmouth537Amy Oliver
Double Portsmouth1071Amy Oliver
Worcester260Sarah Monteith
Double Worcester510Amy Oliver
Combined Portsmouth-Worcester760Sarah Monteith
WA 18m529Sarah Monteith
WA 25m449Amanda Driffield
Combined WA838Amanda Driffield
Bray I174Liz Atkins
Bray II - 25 yd  
Combined Brays  

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